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Frequently Asked Questions

Open Play FAQ’s

Q: What is required for me to enter Island Playground for Open Play?

A: In addition to the admission fee and SOCKS, a signed waiver from a parent or guardian is required for each child to enter Island Playground. A babysitter or any other non-parent/non-guardian cannot sign a waiver on behalf of a child. However, parents and guardians can print out a waiver on-line, fill it out completely, including their signature, and give it to the non-parent/non-guardian who will be accompanying the child to Island Playground.

Q: Can adults jump on the inflatables?

A: Yes, adults are welcome and encouraged to play on the inflatables to supervise and help enforce the safety rules. Everyone in Island Playground (including adults) is required to wear socks. No belts, watches or other sharp objects are allowed on the inflatables.

Q: Can I bring my own food into Island Playground during Open Play?

A: No outside food is allowed to be brought into Island Playground. We offer a large selection of snacks and beverages which are available for purchase.

Q: Do you offer any admission discount rates?

A: Yes. We offer a Frequent Player Card (12 visits) for $99 (children 3 years and older);  $69 (children 2 and under); and $29 (children under 12 months). The card never expires and you can use it for more than one child.  

Q: Do you offer group rates?

A: Yes. Groups with 15 or more paid children will receive a reduced Open Play rate of $7.95 per child (M-Th, not including school breaks) or $8.95 (F-Sat, and on school breaks). Reservations are required.  Groups must arrive together and will not receive the reduced rate until all 15 children all present.

Party FAQ’s

Q: How many guests can I invite?

A: Eight (8) children are included with the Little Wave Birthday Bash. The guest of honor is included in the eight (8).  Sixteen (16) children are included with the Hang Ten Birthday Bash. The guest of honor is included in the sixteen (16).

Twenty-four (24) children are included with the Big Kahuna Birthday Bash. The guest of honor is included in the twenty-four (24).

Adults and non-participating infants are invited free of charge and are not considered part of the guest list.

Q: Can I invite more guests?

A: Yes, for an additional $12 each.

Q: Can I bring in my own food?

A: With the exception of cake, outside food and beverages are not permitted. Juice boxes and pizza are provided to all children attending the party.  We also offer a variety of party add-ons to enhance your event even more.

Q: Can I bring decorations? 

A: Yes, you can bring decorations (except to tape on the wall). No confetti, silly string, or piñatas please.

Q: How early should we arrive for our party?

A: Please arrive five (5) minutes prior to your scheduled party time. This allows time to get settled and ready to welcome your guests as they arrive. Please do not arrive much earlier than this, because the party coordinators will be busy preparing the playground for your party.

Q: Does Island Playground provide any goodie bags or party favors?

A: Goodie bags are included for each child that attends your Deluxe or Ultimate party.

Q: Can I provide alcohol for the adults?

A: No alcohol is allowed in the facility.

Q: Does each party guest need a signed a waiver?

A: YES. Upon entering, parents/guardians will be required to sign a waiver. If the parent/guardian of a child is not present, they must send them to the party with a signed waiver.Click here to print an on-line waiver.

Q: What else should I bring to my party?

A: SOCKS. Every child and adult who enters the play floor must take off their shoes and MUST wear socks (for sanitation and floor protection). If a child or adult forgets his/her socks, Island Playground sells them for $2/pair.

Q: Are the parents of each invited child required to attend the party?

A: No. However, the adult party host is responsible for supervising and monitoring the safety and play of all the children at the party who do not have a parent/guardian present. Thus, we require the party host to ensure that at least 3 adults to every 15 children be present for the duration of the party to assist with child supervision.

A $135.00 deposit is required to place your party reservation.
Deposits are refundable up to 21 days before your party. You are always welcome to reschedule 1 week prior to your party, provided that we have the date & time available. We will need a final head count 24 hours prior to the party. The rest of your balance must be paid before the end of your party.